Yes, but first you have to adjust for cost of living and its impact on teacher salary, land…

If that were the case, NYC DOE and SFUSD would have the highest per pupil spend of any school system in the country, but that’s not the case at 18 and 13 respectively. I think it’s intellectually dishonest to say that a 29k annual spend per pupil on K12 education isn’t outlandish.

When it comes to public education, funding has never been the issue. The way that money is distributed is up to the government and the school administration. If they somehow manage to misspend all the taxpayer money we’ve thrown their way, I think you’ll find that the public appetite for increased funding will be lacking.

I completely agree with your assertion. Money is not the end-all be-all problem in education. The whole point of my post is that we spend plenty on it. If we aren’t getting results, we should look at the other parts that make up the public education system and find out why we’re getting such poor results for our money.

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