A Vigorous Defense of The Right to Have Kids, Whether You Can “Afford” To Or Not
Ester Bloom

Nobody is advocating for mandatory abortions or for the government to take away kids if they aren’t raised under optimal circumstances. Let’s clear that up right off the bat.

The issue is not about what the government should do. The issue is about what prospective parents should do. We see birth rates declining across the board because many couples are making the conscious decision that they don’t have enough resources to support a large family.

That is something that should be encouraged. If you don’t feel like you can put your future kids in a position to thrive, err on the side of caution. You know what should be discouraged? Having kids when you don’t even have the means to take care of yourself. Substance abusers, long term unemployed, indigent mothers who already have kids shouldn’t take on more, etc.

I know a person who fosters kids, and some of the kids she takes care of in loco parentis were born to a mother who is a hardcore drug addict, had no work history and no husband to help support her. Some of those children have severe psychological and emotional problems and I would be very surprised if they turned out to be productive members of society. Are you telling me that she is the kind of person we want having kids?

I know passing moral judgment on people can be hard for certain people, but do I think I have the moral standing to tell that kind of person that they shouldn’t have kids? Absolutely.