Here’s a thought: instead of trolling my work, how about using some energy to look up class and…
Cameron Glover

What happens if you’re working class, built up a respectable living in a blue collar profession (plumber, AC technician, welder, etc) and decide to trim expenses to build a fuck off fund? Is that an example of “working class privilege”?

I find the very idea of “financial privilege” to be laughable. Money is power. If you have more money, you have more power. If you have more power, you have more options. The fact that we have to couch that concept under the banner of “privilege” is maddening.

The means to acquire money may or may not be a “privilege”. If I’m born to wealthy, educated, upper class parents, chances are I’ve been given a ton of privileges that make the acquisition of wealth relatively easy for me. That doesn’t make having a “fuck off fund” a privilege. At best, it could be a symptom of privilege. Or it could be the result of honest hard work and discipline, shorn of substantive privilege.

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