Why Maggi noodles sensationalized?

All of sudden Maggi noodles becoming a sensation is real wonder in India. In our society nobody is unaware that most of what we eat today is some way or the other adulterated or contaminated and harmful to the health. Few people are aware that there is some government authority which is responsible for checking the food and protect the consumers by taking action suitable action. In many other countries including our neighboring China have stringent mechanism to check the quality of food in the market and that is prepared in hotels and road side restaurants periodically and continue or cancel their licence to do business based on the laboratory analyses of the samples. This is regular activity of the Food and Drugs department that it also responds to the complaints from the public and even takes up surprising raids on the hotels and markets to examine the food. If they found something bad, it is immediately notified to the public through TV, News print and other media so that the public stop consuming even the stocks in their homes. Our food standards are very poor whom so even want to start food business can just do it overnight without any permissions. Whatever, wherever they want they can sale. We often see many fast food shops on the side of open drains, where there are flies, insects and intolerable fetid. We all know clearly that even somebody caught for large scale adulteration of food can easily avoid legal action by paying a small bribe to government officers. We all know very well about how our police do their monthly collections from petty business people including roadside food sellers. Our society is not even sensitive to duplicate drugs that are potential kill even children and infants. It is very difficult to find pure food items like Milk, Atta, Masalas in the market. Forest produces like honey are also adulterated. It is very good that government made Maggi noodles a sensation but what our authorities were doing all these years? and why suddenly they woke up in the case of Maggi noodles? what about all other food items which have seriously harmful ingredients ? Why don’t governments act on all food items that are used regularly?. How long government subscribes to corruption in maintaining food and drugs at stake of lives of citizens?

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