To the girl i loved,

Im hurt,im miserable, and im so displeased about what happened to us. We made so many memories, I’ve put a lot of them into my brain and heart. I drowned myself to the fact that we will never break up again. I thought you cannot forget me so easily, but you chose to play with fire with a guy. You know that it shackles me everytime i saw you with that guy but you just go through that path and deny it eventhough many people saw you.

I felt cheated, i know I don’t have the right to say this cause we’re not together anymore, but why so sudden? I don’t want to bring back all the efforts but why so sudden? I invest a lot of feelings for you. You broke up with me cause im so mellow dramatic? Cause im a cry baby whose looking for his girlfriend? Who is clingy? Who wants to be with her always? Who wants to eat lunch with her always? Who makes time for us? Whose angry because of this? Am i not special to you? There’s so many questions lingering inside my brain.. i didn’t felt worthy of your time.

I don’t want to accuse you for anything but i think you didn’t love me, you easily broke up with me 4 times because of petty things..and you didn’t put an effort to bring me back. It hurt so much cause everytime you broke up with me, im too stupid to drill this inside my head that you don’t love me anymore and always trying to win you back for the sake of our relationship.

This time i will never be in love to the person who played my feelings.. things will never be the same again.