So much for cleanliness being next to godliness

I know, I know what I’vry Rasta spewed on Facebook was harsh. Harsh may not even be the word to explain and for some it may have made you angry. But with all emotions to the side have you ever researched history on your own versus just believing what we have been taught or told in school. So for those of you reading this that may disagree, I beg you just hear me out. Perception is a hell of a thing but consciousness is too.

I am one to believe that cursing tends to put emphasis on things. So if you look at the context in which she used the curse word I honestly feel as though she was really just calling whomever she was speaking with “stupid.” I’vry just chose to do so with much more colorful language.

The use of the F word highlights the levels of stupidity, wackiness, and disbelief. Again, all of her words were directed to one particular person. With that being said, you have to take all personal feelings out of whatever reaction reading this may elicit because there may be some truth in this deep bowl of pudding.

There is evidence to support I’vry’s claims. First and foremost, to acknowledge the claim that the first ship was called “Jesus.” The first slave ship which is NOW known as, “The Good Ship Jesus,” was in fact called, “Jesus of Lubeck.” This 700 ton ship was purchased by King Henry VIII as a merchant alliance between Hamburg and Lubeck in Germany. Twenty years later the ship was lent to Sir John Hawkins by Queen Elizabeth. Hawkins was given permission by the Queen to go on his first voyage in 1562. His first voyage was to carry Africans to the Americas ALLEGEDLY with their consent. Hawkins was also known as a devoutly religious man whom made his men serve god daily.[1] Hawkins captured about 500 slaves maybe more off the coast of Africa near Sierra Leone. Most of the slaves were sold in what is now known as the Dominican Republic. He returned home with ivory, hides, sugar, and profits. This is when the slave trade began.

Many do believe that Christianity was not the original religion of Africans but rather that the slaves were converted to Christianity. Yes there is evidence of Christianity in Africa but if the origins of religion in Ancient Africa were researched you would find that Christianity was far from a “traditional religion” of Africa. Traditional African religions are considered to be spiritual religions and there isn’t just one. These traditional religions consisted of more oral teachings or story telling than scriptural, including the use of magic within the religion. Many of the religious practices done by Africans are heavily connected with their cultural practices. [2]

While there can be similarities to Christianity found within the religious history of Africans it can also be deemed fact that PRESENT DAY African Americans wouldn’t be Christians or those who chose to be a black Christian wouldn’t be had it not been for slavery. Slave owners or masters used slavery as a means to justify slavery as well as justify the punishment many slaves endured while in captivity. At one point slaves prayed in the swamp; so much for cleanliness being next to godliness. For some decades, now African Americans, they were not allowed to “hear the gospel” or respond to the “freedom and joy” that it gave so many meetings had to be done in secret. [3] Many masters didn’t even want to convert their slaves because they didn’t want them to feel as though they were equal to their respective masters.

The gospel that was given to the slaves wasn’t the full gospel. There was a message of “salvation by grace, the joy of faith, and the hope of heaven were all there,” but many other teachings were omitted. Often time’s slaves were told, “servants obey your masters,” but would never say, “break every yoke and let the oppressed go free.” John Dixon Long, a white evangelist to slaves expressed his frustrations on the false preaching saying, “They hear ministers denouncing them for stealing the white man’s grain, but as they never hear the white man denounced for holding them in bondage, pocketing their wages, or selling their wives and children to the brutal traders of the far South; they naturally suspect the Gospel to be a cheat and believe the preachers and slaveholder [are] in a conspiracy against them.” [4] But like Ms. I’vry Rasta said study your history you might start questioning everything taught in many of these schools.

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