A multi-purpose life

“So you are a writer?”

I met someone new and instead of the typical “So what do you do?” He flipped the question a bit and gave me an identity that he wanted to confirm.

Usually I feel really uncomfortable answering this question, but because he had already selected one of the many “jobs” that I do, I answered, “Yes,” with mild hesitation. Although, I didn’t feel the deep dread I normally do when it comes to explaining to people what I do for a living, I still didn’t want to get pigeon-holed into being just a writer.

He continued, “Do you write fiction or articles?”

“Mostly editorial,” I replied. Then explained to him that writing is just one of the many things that I do. However, this short interaction made me realize for the first time why I have always dreaded answering questions about what I do.

I realized while talking to him, that the question “So what do you do?” and having to put a title on what I do, limits me to being just ONE thing. And that feels like I’m being put in a box where I don’t want to belong.

I even feel a bit put off when asked this question because I feel as if the person asking is telling me I can ONLY be one thing and not multiples. I can ONLY do this OR that. Never this and this and this and this!

I’m aware that how I feel when faced with this question is about me and not the person asking. I also know the question will never stop coming, so I am pursuing creative ways to talk to others about what I do. Ways to explain that not everyone is on a career path or destined to do any one thing or another.

Some of us enjoy living on a whim and becoming what our spirit draws us to daily.

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