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A Gloomy Day… Or Not.

Monsoon is here! It has brought with it cloudy days and rainy evenings.

A precursor of things to come, of a time to chill. The city dwellers like myself have been eagerly waiting, as the showers bring down the soaring temperature. Enjoyed by everyone, it’s a refreshing change from the dry heat of the Indian summer.

Although an integral part of the monsoon showers, the dreary days bring down the energy levels of everyone. So much so that getting out of bed starts feeling like a chore. Why not stay under the sheets and go back to sleep? Take a day off from work, while you’re at it!

Get up. Have breakfast. Sleep. Get up. Have lunch. Sleep.
Sleep! Sleep!! Sleep!!!

Now is the perfect time to catch up on reading. All those novels gathering dust in the corner, it’s a good time to dust off and see if you can start some of them. Lie in bed and read all day long. Go to sleep and wake up to a book in hand, and continue reading.

Doesn’t it feel like the easiest vacation you can take? Right from your bedroom, no money spent?!

Journey to beautiful lands, well beyond the reach of reality, with your Imagination in the driver’s seat.

Thank you for reading!

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