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A mission statement.

Or, A reminder to myself when I most need it :)

I, Amith Raravi, do solemnly swear to follow my heart’s desires with courage and honesty to myself and what I yearn for. I will not settle for a compromise, nor will I expect others in my life to do so. The freedom to follow the heart comes from ignoring what the world keeps pushing us to do. To feel the fear in doing what I want to do, but have no idea how to do. To keep walking the path no matter how difficult it gets. To pursue my dreams and give everything I have in me to this noble pursuit. The journey of self-discovery and contentment is a lifelong one and I intend to make it a story worth telling and a path worth taking.

I have come to realize that I’m not a solitary creature. I do enjoy time by myself immensely, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing to share. I cherish the times spent together with people I hold dear to me. I hope to make my partner understand these values as well, so that we can have a life of true sharing between us.

Photo from Unsplash

The universe has brought two minuscule particles (me and my partner) together and that’s a happy thought. If you look at the beginning of time up until now, my time on Earth is but a blip within a blip within a blip. A trivial occurrence, that won’t even be recorded in the annals of time. And if we came to know each other out of infinite possibilities, anything is possible.

It is in this randomness that I believe. That good and bad will balance out in the end. That a life worth living is made up of imperfect moments. That life is to be lived, with truth and honesty to oneself. And everything else is a distraction to be ignored. Be wary of people who say otherwise, for they have their own demons to kill.

I love this end-scene from the movie, “The Matrix Revolutions”, where Neo is beaten and on the ground. And Smith is hovering above him with irritation bordering on rage.

Smith: Why do you persist?!
Neo: Because I choose to!

Choose to do, because you want to. That’s a powerful thought.

One capable of transforming how we think about leading our lives!

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