Caste is something I have grown up with. For me, it was just a word associated with my family. It didn't have any particular meaning or importance.

Once you start seeing what it can be used for, you start to realize the importance of its role in the Indian society. I started seeing things when I was in school. Not from elders, but from other kids.

"Do not pick food from that kid's plate, he will be offended..."
"He is from this caste, don’t touch him..."

Then, it was just what it was. I never questioned it. But as you get older, you see the self-serving nature of these man-made rules we follow.

Having lived in Bangalore all my life, I encountered a watered down version of the caste system. But caste system is brutal and extremely manipulative.

This article on Guardian shows us one such practice. It’s disgusting, that in this day and age, practices like these are still allowed to go on.

Do I still think it's just a word? Hell no.
Do you?!

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