Internet Shaming

We all have done this to some extent. It seemed so natural to side with the crowd. To criticize, to express, to comment what you felt.

How can somebody be soooo stupid? He/She did what?!

All you saw was a photo or heard part of a sentence. And there was judgement.

When this is on a massive scale, it seizes to be just a 'fun' thing you are sharing with a friend and turns into an insane Internet frenzy. It also leads to people getting fired, lose their identity & themselves.

That is not right.

Get back a few steps and look at it, you are talking about a human being. Maybe we all need to get down from our high horses.

Strike the maybe, get off the pedestal.

What am I talking about? Check this New York Times article.

Yeah, this is from 2015. How does make it any less relevant now? It doesn’t.

Hello peeps, this is my first article on Medium. Please be gentle with me!!!

Thank you for reading!

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Image at the top courtesy of mimiandeunice!