Is there an EVIL Switch in people?

Whenever I read an article like this, I always wonder..

How can people be so cruel? Is it so easy to be evil?

One moment you are a loving father/mother sending your children to school, and the next you turn into a horrible monster who unleashes hell on concentration camp inmates.

Curiosity led me to read Mein Kampf when i was in college. And a bunch of books on the Holocaust. What I read made me sick. Disgusted. I'm afraid to look too deep. Any negative feeling that you might have - Anger/Jealousy/Prejudice - can suck you into a cesspool of cruelty.

It all starts with a simple justification.

He/She deserves it.

Because his ancestors did this to my ancestors. Because i have seen them at it forever. It doesn't matter. Once you start to rationalize any criminal action, you are looking at your dark side.

Beware of what you see, for you might not be able to un-see it.

Thank you for reading!

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