Life Choice: Education

People from mostly poor & middle-class backgrounds send their kids to coaching classes with money they can’t afford, but still come up with through enormous difficulties.

I’d say this small town called Kota(see the article) gives you the education scenario as it is across the whole of India.

Behind this is the hope that the kids do well and end up in a good college(Engineering or Medical) with minimal annual fees, which would also mean a good job in the near future.

Kids are not blind to the plight of their parents. They can sense the weight of the expectation - that they are supposed to make it better for themselves and their parents - and it's crushing. Most of us have felt it at one time or another in our college days.

Imagine this - you are still not sure what you want to do with your life - and already plans are made by your parents that you need to study this or that. And they are ready to invest heavily in your future.

It starts with comparisons. Look at that <insert the family favorite older cousin here>, he did well studying Engineering from that reputed college. He got placed in <any reputed company your parent knows>. And you start feeling that you need to take it up seriously - that it's the only way.

What happens when you don't score well - mostly because you are not interested - in the subjects? You end up stressed out, with low self esteem, and being somewhere you didn't want to be(just didn't know it yet) in the first place.

Kids need to figure out their own path and have the courage to take it!

Kids need to figure out their own path & have the courage(it’s not easy standing up to your parents) to take it, and parents should look beyond the oft-trodden path & support them in their choices. For the kids can’t do it alone, and neither can the parents.

These are some points to think about, for the parents & kids out there.

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