I’m An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I’m Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity!
Vidya Narayanan

The dude bro tech culture is pretty annoying, and I’ve worked for great companies that really tried to be leaders in solving the diversity problem in tech. It is a hard problem to solve! I’m an openly gay man in tech who is super flamboyant and I proudly wear every color of the rainbow every day. That was a huge problem in past companies that I worked for, and continues to be so now. This brings me to the point of my comment. The issue here (from my point of view) isn’t that there is not enough women in tech, but instead the issue is we don’t celebrate diversity or diverse thinking in tech (or most companies for that matter). We don’t allow people to be themselves at work, and there are a lot of rules and boundaries that prevent us from being diverse. If you want a diverse company, you can’t have a ruleset and company culture that leans towards the white man’s ruleset and culture. You have to have a ruleset and company culture that doesn’t penalize someone for being themselves. I purpose we drive a culture of breaking rules.

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