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At Rare Bits, we’re incredibly excited about building products for blockchain-powered digital goods. This ecosystem is in the early stages of its developments, and as a result, a lot of the core infrastructure to build apps and services around these goods is missing. With new interoperable standards for unique digital goods like ERC721, the developer community is working together at lightning speed to move the space forward.

Rare Bits builds products and infrastructure for blockchain-powered digital goods.

Today, we’re excited to share our commitment to the developer community with a few announcements we’ll cover in this post. …

We’re excited to announce the closing of a $6M Series A for Rare Bits. Our good friend Nabeel Hyatt from Spark Capital is leading the round and joining our board, and several other amazing individuals and firms (First Round Capital, Craft Ventures, SVAngel) are co-investing. It’s an absolute pleasure to get to work with so many talented people and friends.

Our pitch to investors was really simple:

In the past few months, the whole world has witnessed how powerful and fun blockchain based assets can be. Our marketplace, Rare Bits, has connected buyers and sellers for collectibles ranging from adorable cats to unique decks of trading cards.

To date, digital collectibles like these — — called cryptocollectibles — have only been created by game developers. …


Rare Bits

A marketplace where users can buy, sell and discover crypto items.

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