Music Reviewer Gives Frank Ocean Album One Whole Listen Before Posting Review

NEW YORK- After listening to all 17 tracks of the new Frank Ocean album Blonde in the background while he scrolled through Twitter and Instagram, music and pop culture writer Tim Brookings posted his 2,000-word album review online to content farm “I published my complete and final opinion on this album that took Frank four years to make in just fifteen minutes,” said the music and pop culture editor between sips of La Croix Pampy. “It was super easy to write and I wanted to make sure I had my review up before Stolling Rone Magazine.” The Viceplex article that people didn’t read past the first paragraph of didn’t mention anything about song themes or lyrics, but it did have a overly-personal and completely unnecessary story about how he dyed his hair blonde back in 1999. Brookings gave the album an 8.5 out of 10.

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