Top Afro Hairstyles to Follow

Short afro hairstyles are in vogue this season, so don’t mind too much about cutting your hair short. Ever since the stunning afro look was spotted on the streets of Fashion Week’s Capitals last year, the evolution of hair styling took a leap forward. This is especially for all the ladies with naturally curly hair, don’t fret over the long unmanageable curls any longer. With the best afro hair salon in London, get one of the looks from the following, and you would be right back on track.

1. Natural short afro with caramel highlights

You will eventually grow out your short and sassy afro with time, so why not do it with style? Dye the afro ends in caramel, highlighting your punk and pretty side simultaneously.

2. Short tapered afro

You don’t need heated styling tools to get this cute and clean look.

3. Fading Mohawk

Here, the big faded Mohawk is paired with a designed undercut to make it a little exciting and unconventional.

4. Long pixie afro

This is the afro version of the short pixie haircut that was Rihanna’s favorite for a while.

5. Short afro with shaved sides

Canary Wharf hairdressers are trained in this basic and popular afro style.

6. Tiny afro

This eensy-weensy hairstyle requires the minimum maintenance and styling, hence, get this makeover and be hassle-free.

7. Short cute curls

Get the perfect tiny curls with non-human highlights or get an afro haircut in the best hair salons in London.

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