What a Professional Hair Stylist Can Do

Rare Look understands that tending to everyday hair styling and its maintenance could get out of hand. For giving that complete satisfying look, the hair styling professionals shall provide excellent hair care services including shampooing, trimming, cutting, highlighting, smoothening and lots more. A hair styling professional abides by the desired look his/her customer asks for and serves only to satisfy the customer. As a hair salon in London, it prides in its Canary Wharf hairdressers who incorporate the key features in their services such as time management skills, creativity, an eye for perfection and positive customer service.


This hair stylist east London focuses on a well-knit customer service. It includes almost every hair styling service a client could ask for and features only the best non-toxic methods in its implementation.

1. Weave/Extension installation:

Under this, there has been included services like full head and half head bonding, full head weave, fusion bonding, rows, wigs, tape-in, clip-in and micro rings.

2. Braiding:

Under this section, the salon has listed services like cane row, cane row with extensions, ponytail and single plat with extensions.

3. Colour and highlight:

Hair stylists under this section shall perform services like half head highlighting (single colour), full head highlighting (singe colour), root tinting permanent colouring and semi-permanent colouring.

4. Wash-cut and blow-dry:

Wash-cut and blow-dry is the service that has the longest listing including wash and blow dry, wash and styling, natural hair wash, blow dry and press, dry tongs, wet/dry trim, protein treatment or moisturising and styling and reconstructing treatment and styling.

5. Texture treatments:

This service includes texturizer, re-touch, treatment, trim and style and colour (semi), trim and style, re-touch and style, and Brazilian blow-dry.

6. Extra services:

The section of additional services includes photo shoot/productions (hair stylist), makeup and clothing stylist.

Hair Styling etiquettes

Professional hair stylists have climbed the top of their profession ladder due to their compliance with the necessary do’s and don’ts of their job. Some of the basic hair styling etiquettes are listed below: