Rare Finds: Inspirations, Alter Egos, & Mastering A Craft In 10,000 Hours

Miles “Myori” Franklyn

Miles Franklyn, also known by his web3 pseudonym “Myori”, is a creative soul out of New Jersey that uses his work ethic to bring his ideas to life. Whether it be documentaries or 3D animation there seems to be no limit as to where his imagination brings him. Miles knows that everything takes practice and studies different mediums of creation like Blender, Premier Pro, and many more. A strong believer in Malcolm Gladwell’s perspective that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something, Miles is ready to put the work in.

His biggest achievement was helping to start “Eleventh Street Worldwide Creative Union”, a group of creators dedicated to building up and supporting other creators. He understands what it’s like to have to create and build alone so he’s making sure to do his part to help others. This is an ongoing venture for him and everyday he searches for more people to add to the collective. Miles, a friend to the Rare Roses team in real life, and also a great stand alone creator definitely deserves his flowers.

Follow Miles on Twitter to see where his work ethic and creativity takes him in web3.

Check out Eleventh Street Worldwide Collective Union on Instagram!



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Rare Roses

Rare Roses

Rare Roses is a streetwear focused NFT project created by the popular store The Villa (@buythevilla).