Countries that display their weapon arsenal for national days are the equivalent of deranged individuals celebrating birthdays showing off their personal maiming and killing devices.

Illustration juanestebanrodriguez

The usual excuse is that the “show” is intended to celebrate the “means of liberty”. And we believe it. We believe it because we’ve been exposed to it in such an organized/socially-accepted/official manner from early childhood, that we haven’t even had a chance to think of it in any other way. However, any sane rational mind that hasn’t been desensitized and indoctrinated this way, would see it for what it really is.. madness. The same madness you see in someone that’s flexing his muscles, doing high-kicks, showing knives and ankle guns while in the same time talking passionately about these sublime begetters of freedom.

Another excuse is that these manifestations deter enemies. But to think that a serious enemy stays and watches military parades to evaluate a country’s defence capabilities is poor logic to say the least. In reality, countries do their best to hide(!) their real power and war technology, thing which is well known by every foe. Both these aspects make military parades even more redundant.

Real logic, history, sociology, psychology, show instead another truth — that these are really intended as propaganda for the minds of their own citizens, to bring forth the solidarity, compliance and the support needed for business to continue as usual. The masses are thus animated with false, puerile feelings of ecstasy, proudness and identity which stump their intellect and make them readily partake into madness. This kind of manipulation has a whole history of use and is still prevalent these days, from various military regimes to military-industrial complexes, both with private hidden economic agendas and aggressive geo-political interests. And these interests are most times, if not always, opposed to the interests of the people.

Almost 2 Trillion $ is the world military budget per year! Who is this dark evil force we’re fighting?

Each and every year we throw away trillions of dollars into an industry concerned with conflict and war! Are these constructs we call “nations” sane? At this level, in the 21Century, isn’t there another way to organize human kind? What unfathomable opportunities have we wasted away this last century by investing so much intelligence, computing power, energy and material in this private business of “freedom”.

The lives of each and everyone of us, and those before us, irrespective of our nationalities, were sacrificed by derailing unimaginable resources and using them to power this perpetual conflict machine—and this is somehow successfully marketed as “freedom”. Why? Because every time shit gets ugly there’s billions $ to be made, and everything is literally remote-controlled from a long and safe distance away.

This war machine self-assembles, it assembles the environment around it too, politics, economics, cultural beliefs, it does everything to keep itself going.. It even invents its own enemies if there aren’t any.

artist — juanestebanrodriguez

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