What matters is what I perceive looking back at me when I look into your eyes.
I need your loving eyes for a moment…
Jonas Ellison

I don’t remember who said it but “Self is how you see yourself through other people’s eyes”

So, if a huge “Truman Show” type of conspiracy would be put toghether and all people would act in a certain way towards my presence, then.. i would sooner or later internalize that social feedback.. And act it as if that was inside me all along!

Someone brilliantly gave Kayne Wests as an example for that — when everywhere you go you’re covered in the glamorous glitter of paparazzi flashes and you have crazed fans jumping to touch your jacket.. than it’s just a matter of time until you become a larger than life ego. But the thing is.. that transformation isn’t under the contol of the person. But on the contrary, it’s only a dependent determined identity :))

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