But I’m going through training to become a spiritual practitioner in the New Thought tradition
A vision is not caught by force
Jonas Ellison

Jonas you’re downright the most qualified soul i ever encountered to have what it takes for that.. other than historical spiritual figures :) I’ve recently sat and thought about about how important spiritually learned individuals are to society.. Also how few and far between they are. Otherwise, “gifted mechanics” you can find all over the place.

This is from the essay i wrote while inspired by that moment of reverie:

People become psychologists, priests, and all sorts of spiritual teachers because there’s a high, natural demand in the conscious landscape for such outlets of balance and harmony.

When we connect to these outside “tuning forks”, through the linguistic and emotional-empathic mediums, we conceptually and emotionally attune our inner space to those special configurations. Consequently, our attuned thoughts create endless ripples of consequence around us, shaping the environment with which we’ll further interact.

You’ll be trully great at that.

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