Flow should be mandatory for all leaders.
Randy Wolken

“Leaders” are the saddest bunch that happened in our social history. Leaders are the counterparts of cancer cells, or those cells that cause autoimmune disease, they have the same wit of alpa male baboons, brave ignorants fighting for success and not much more. None of the real men behind our modern society were “leaders”, not Newton, Einstein, Turing, Claude Shanon, Steve Wozniak, Gandhi.. Any true leader would be one that doesn’t run around with “leader” in his head, engaging his “flock” in brainless endeavours. I have a deep suspicion that if we “neuter” all the alpha males we would free enormous resources and energy wasted in conflicts and mindless competition between, neighbors, firms, states, religious groups and so on. Not to mention resolving the threat of war, pollution and climate change. Einstein thought of himself to be not much more than the people he had seen in a madhouse, and he sure as hell didn’t need competition to make him strive for achievement.

I hope there’s another life beyond this where they corral all the mighty “leaders” and keep them to achieve away.. all those pompous asses.. what a sight that might be :))