Modern Man Is The Equal Of A Stone Tool With Modern Grips.


Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and yet humans have managed to stubbornly escape from evolving their mindset. We have “ape” ingrained deeply into our identity. We forcefully mold this modern society to comfort our need for tribalism — we wouldn’t even imagine it any other way.

The more primitive the individual is, the more “enemies” and “non-kin” it sees around him!

By necessity tribalism comes with the notions of “kin”, “enemy” and “conflict”, each of them very important and dear to our prehistoric psyche.

We have a world of culture and civilization around us and yet we must drag our inner savage along, brutes from a bygone era trained to display a thin veneer of cool sophistication, so thin that’s posing no threat to the dullness inside. Still, the onlooker’s eye doesn’t penetrate this veneer, and it is often fooled by the skillful way we manifest various procedural behaviors and dress by the latest fashion. Alas, these things are acquired in similar fashion to how circus animals learn to ride bicycles in pink tutu’s.

Images: ‘Man made’ collection by Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow