Terrorism Is Not Evil, It’s Idiotic. 
The Real Evil Behind It Tho.. It’s Highly Intelligent!

Illustration: Ben Wiseman

The machinery behind the brain’s propensity, beliefs and attitudes lies outside it, in its environment. And the environment of our brains is represented almost entirely by the social context in which we find ourselves. This stands true for any humans.. farmers, IT entrepenours and terrorists alike. So whenever we face these “personified evils” in the world we must approach them by understanding their true nature and causes, looking behind the specious, if we really want to do something about it. Otherwise, if we let our brain amygdala respond automatically for us we’re nothing more than irritated apes jumping around a snake. Alas, as incredible as it may seem, this is exactly how the greatest part of our 21Century society reacted towards the phenomenon of “terrorism”.

In the opinion of the masses, which is the oppinion of the mainstream media, the greatest evil lurking amongst us today is terrorism. Well, what can you say.. it’s hard for people to remain ignorant to the sad piano montages and the avalanches of “Breaking News” segments that kept them on edge more than the special effects of Marvel’s Captain America. Off course we must set asside the fact that the death toll of “terrorist campaigns” is insignificant to that of “soft drinks campaigns” to name something at random; and not only that but the latter are even protected by states and given huge tax exemptions, while in the same time they burden national healthcare systems with billions $ due to their aftermaths on public heath, which include diabetes, heart attack, neurodegenerative disease and cancer. The “industrial” quantities of misery that are injected into society by these big businesses is very probably a huge deal greater than the scare people get from watching highly dramatic news coverages of terrorist attacks. I’m sure that if the media would want to uncover the real magnitude of “corporate terrorism” we would be running with pitchforks. No theatric effects needed from their part either. But it would be “too low” for a corporation to rat on another corporation wouldn’t it? They have feelings too you know!

But to get back to our subject, Islamic terrorism is indeed an abominable thing, there’s no denying of that here. However, let’s consider its real causes before rushing to spend our energy in fits of rage before the mug shots of illiterate and/or mentally ill, all highly deluded individuals. Identifying the evil in these headless chickens tells a lot about yourself and your intellect’s ability to override the primitive part of the brain. You know what they say.. “You’re as big as the things you hate”.

Many of terrorism’s roots are in the way western powers governed Africa and the Arabic Peninsula after they partitioned them amongst themselves. And when i say western powers i’m really referring to the tiniest coterie of politico-economic interests. Once the WWII ended the french and the english carved the arabic world into manageable pieces, installing everywhere subservient tyrannical regimes (a clear modern example of these kinds of enduring partnerships is between the “flagship of democracy” USA, and one of the most despotic family regimes, the one ruling the Arab Emirates). In the case of Africa things go way back to the 19th century or earlier. Most people back west hadn’t anything to do with it, especially when it came to the looting; and whatever benefit came the way of greater society was indirect and unintended.

Why? WTF else than pillaging natural resources!

To make this possible they had to push back hard on social reforms, including the all-important education. Like actively inducing and keeping mental disability in somebody in order to be able to effortlessly steal its wealth.. Alas, at the level of hundreds of millions of people! The last thing you need when you’re up for looting an entire continent like Africa, or subcontinent like Arabia, is a sane, modern and educated society. Having instead monkeys on the land, is just perfect!

After decades passed, some regimes broke off their relationships with the “western daddy” and began nationalizing their resources.. Not for the benefit of their people tho, because by now they knew very well how the masses should be controlled. They we’re taught by the best! But the western capitalist elite, insidious as it is, found new means of taking back control over those $ trillions in resources.. Not for the benefit of their people tho, because they were the absolute masters of controlling masses. And where it didn’t work, like Iraq, a “war of liberation” was made.. “Liberating the oil reserves” that is.

Terrorism is a clear case of reaping what you sow.. At least clear for those that occasionally read a history book, instead of eating the junk thrown their way by the Media.

As a result of western dirty affairs, the most vengeful and hating part of religion took hold on these backward societies like a mould in a wet environment. The poorer and uneducated the people, the more fundamentalist the form of Islam they fell for. And one thing is sure, they were in the most miserable condition! Why didn’t they overturn their deranged regimes you ask.. Because every dictator (more like authors of crimes against humanity) had support from one western power or another (including Russia). So, a whole panoply of sadistic criminals had the benefit of arms and munition, logistics, propaganda specialists, military training and/or mercenaries, intelligence and everything else needed.

Now if you’re a smart human being you understand that guilt comes with knowledge, and the more one knows what/why he’s doing the more he’s guilty. African and Arabic Peninsula policies were made by the most knowledgeable of western elites!

As for the foot-soldier terrorists, these are just a tiny bit smarter than a baboon, or at least more “trained”, but training doesn’t equate with an education. In addition, many of them clearly have mental disorders. These people have no idea about the real history of Islam, the real history of their people, and even less about the socio-economico-psychological factors that make them tick. Even tho they are so determined and dangerous they are as capable masters of their own life as a leaf is of its flightpath through the autumn wind. Their source of determination and strength paradoxically lies in their weakness, in their low intelligence, lack of education, poverty, social disfranchisement, lack of higher purpose in their lives. So, when they encounter islamic extremism their “immune system” is practically inexistent; they are as much victims of their social conditions from this perspective. In these radical groups they find an incredible sense of personal importance and of great purpose, from where there wasn’t any! They fill their immense holes left in them by their society, be it western, african or middle eastern. These fanatic religious groups have a prosaic but effective way of instilling their followers with a sense of camaraderie, a common goal, a heroic destiny, and off course.. a common enemy. After all, using the same basic scheme the nazis managed to do this to a whole nation! But the heads of these organizations aren’t much different from the foot soldiers, just a little more aggressive and cunning, enough to rise up in a hierarchy of aggressive baboons. However, go sufficiently high enough on the chain of command and you will inevitably find some secret service or other. These were entangled with the phenomenon of modern terrorism from the very start. And unashamedly so, as dirty CIA and KGB activities from the 70’s eventually surfaced without any repercussions whatsoever. The underlying subtleties of today’s terrorism will get a similar fate once a couple of decades pass.. known and unnoticed in the same time. And whenever this would happen, the sound and fury of the CNN’s passionate (re)presentations would be recognized for what they really are.. “commercial melodrama meeting propaganda”. Except it wouldn’t matter anymore.

Sociologists and psychologists track the radicalization of arabs, especially youths living in Europe, to three key elements: poverty, marginalization and lack of education — all three problems of the social environment and not of the child!

So, if you’re attacked by a wild animal, it’s pointless and lame to seek vengeance and punishment. If you’re passionately “hating” a baboon you’re lowering yourself to the “baboon level”, proving you’re acting just as unconsciously as it is, both moved by basic animal instincts. What a human should normally do instead is put that animal away from doing any more harm, and think how and why everything happend and how to prevent attacks in the future.

And we can’t bomb or scare the baboons anyway, especially when they are living amongst us! We can (and do) elect nationalist parties to drive them out, but this will only increase the temperature of conflict and perpetuate it further; make those few left even more radical and dangerous; and those out, brewing new ways of attacking. None of the solutions taken while we jump around like infuriated apes will ever work. All we’ll achieve is postponing the problem to break onto our children’s future, and the terrorists of the future might have nuclear bombs instead, or at least “dirty” nuclear bombs. What we are doing now with our new-found ultranationalism is making sure our children will know what nuclear conflict is about.

There is a somewhat underdeveloped nation on Earth (which i won’t name) that has a peculiar tradition — retribution. Being poor and illiterate in large numbers, conflict among them is unsurprisingly common, but what is particular is their cultural duty to revenge a relative or a friend. If grandpapa (in his primitive ways) started a conflict with his neighbor, and by now it is 6–8 between “us” and “them”, than it should be my constant conXXX to find a way to strike. The miserable lives of these brilliant baboons are a perfect way to portray the idiocy of pursuing revenge against means of peaceful resolution.

The only solution to terrorism is to bomb them with education, employment opportunities, recognition and social dialogue. Also, we should push for real diplomatic relations. Reversing the historical harm done to human society by our primitive arab and western ancestors, as well as the great harm done by modern western politico-economic interests. If we give to the new generation of arabs love and integration then the radical Islam, along with terrorism will die off, like weeds without their roots. Kids with Nike’s, skateboards and social mobility don’t have any reason to tread outside their happy lives into the muck of extremism.

Either way some harm is inevitable, and it looks like we will suffer the rise of right wing organizations, fascist governance, loss of privacy, our own undemocratic regimes taking advantage of the “surveillance state”, armed police patrolling the streets, huge costs in defense, side-viewing other crucial matters like pollution/deforestation/grave social problems/global warming, etc. And of course.. more terrorist attacks.

Illustration: Brian Stauffer

The only ones who are missing on all this suffering are those in high places, that engineered this hell, the capitalist fundamentalists who are orders of magnitude more dangerous and toxic than religious fundamentalists.

Illustrations: Ben Wiseman and Brian Stauffer