The Shortest And Most Relevant History Of Humanity. Tens Of Thousands Of Years, Under 10 Minutes Of Reading.

Thousands of years ago..

People are superstitious, they fear the grandeur of nature and the great unknowns of life. These things make them fall victims to religious manipulation. The elites, in all reality just crooks, are ruling with “holy” anointment, using “forged” authorizations as being issued by God(s) himself.

The power of the elite is in the weakness of the people.

Couple of hundred years ago..

People are terribly uneducated and poor, this being their “divinely pre-ordained” place, but they still find power in themselves to provide, serve and respect the “holy” functions of royalty and priesthood. Things get complicated though by the threat of illuminist rationality and Gutenberg’s press. The elites smell the danger of emancipation and soon the rules are so changed that “everybody can become free”.. Only in appearance off course. Massive agrarian laws across Europe force people off the lands of the noblemen and, with no other alternatives, they “choose” their new kind of serfdom: entering the factory. Perhaps pointless to say who had the land and money, and other necessary conditions to own a factory.

The elites rule by controlling the law environment and the means of production.

A hundred and fifty years ago..

People are overexploited. Since young age they begin working 10 to 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, year round, until they remain unable due to disease or old age. Their only day off they usually drink, otherwise they’d loose their minds. The term would be ‘slavery’, but it’s already reserved to depict the greatest savagery of those times, forced labour, as in “full and official use of disposable humans”. Protests against inhumane working conditions are dealt by private police forces or state police forces. Money have the power to buy both, just like any other “service”.

Besides their already vast wealth in properties and influence, the ‘high class’ acquires technological means. The people are in the most derelict state yet, in comparison.

Governments are the new “official” guarantors for the power of the elites, gradually starting to replace the Church.

About a hundred years ago..

People are reaching boiling points all over the world, they are driven to mass mobilizations, only to demand the least of the necessary working conditions. The Establishment wants none of it and bloody clashes ensue. Decades pass and gradually the many succeed in obtaining minimal rights such as the right to coalesce into syndicates, two short weeks of leave per year, 8 hour working days, extra payed work in weekends, small benefits and other work related rights. It’s still a lousy life for everyone but they’ve finally escaped serfdom.

The middle class is flourishing, the elites are worried. They need to replace ruling by way of a biased God, and ruling by way of biased laws, with something new that controls the masses but “respects their freedom” nonetheless. This would come to be an unexpectedly easy task due to the mathematical approach of economic discipline, and the new scientific insights into the human unconscious (and into the collective unconscious of the masses).

They wanted access to wealth (land, homes and other properties), we’ll give them nicely printed pieces of paper to hold and fight for.. They wanted access to information, we’ll give them propaganda”.. must of sounded the roar of the Establishment.

Caught between scientifically engineered wants and opinions, and an economy beyond their understanding, people became zombie cogs in the vastly complex economic machinery.

Serfdom saved once again, this time by using Propaganda (masqueraded as “Public Relations and Marketing”), Data-gathering and Statistics, which provided direct access into people’s minds. In addition, employing mathematical financial-studies, provided the new framework for increasing the effectiveness of human exploitation.

Governments are joined in the effort by Banks, financial institutions that are very private, but shamelessly assert themselves as high offices of the global administration.

Less than half a century ago..

Due to the sane working environments, people do better than ever. So, it’s probably time to take serious measures [sic].

And they did, both in the US and UK, the economical centers of the world, anti-syndicate laws were issued and radical financial policies were made. It’s here that the laws put by Rosevelt after the Great Depression (to prevent economic crashes) begin to be annihilated one by one.. “the bull is let loose”, leading to the 2008 crisis. Also the Gold Standard is eliminated to make way for Fiat Currency, this Silly Putty-like money, highly optimized for play (meaning manipulation).

Economic theories are made, such that the exploitation of the people looks like the solution to their problems. The Economy fully becomes a conveyor belt that gathers wealth from ‘the bottom and middle’ of the social pyramid, depositing it at the top.

Studies show that humans dangerously increase in number and at this rate they’ll proliferate as bacteria in a Petri dish, poisoning the environment, and eventually dying in their own waste. Pretty much no government on Earth and no official agency does anything about it. For the system to sustain itself it needs a constantly widening base for the pyramid.. as with every Ponzi scheme! Nobody worries about sustainability because in every eventuality it’s the lower half, many billions of humans, that will suffer the consequences. Any cataclysmic event that might come from overpopulation, like the threat of a global epidemic, lack of fresh water, lack of food, social chaos, etc, is not a threat to the Establishment. More so, apart from the economic advantage - they need this social pyramid increasing because it’s from this heap that scientific breakthroughs, medical advancements, technological advancements, statistical studies, art, literature, etc, are all made. When you’re on top, the bigger the machinery under you the better. And the more tires it has to burn, the more reckless you can be, and the faster you can go where you want to.

As humanity increasingly eats away at Earth’s capabilities to replenish it’s resources and process waste, the elites are technologically getting closer to total imperviousness.

Everything resides totally on the shoulders of the masses to self educate and manage the chaos. It’s their initiative, their effort, their time, their means. Even the money used in charity worldwide comes overwhelmingly from middle class, even if the top 1% of individuals own more than the rest 99% of the human population! If one looks at any major social matter (health and poverty related, educational, ecological, etc), without the hard work of individuals, out of their own initiative and good intentions, and against the governments and elites, we would be 100 years behind right now.

On the other hand, the elites are concerned with investing everything they have, time, money, logistics, to their own interest - another way in which the gap is widening.

About three decades ago..

The speed of social change is picking up. Social herding, done by state education and main stream media, gets bypassed by the democratization of information, ‘Gutenberg’s press and the illuminist ideas’ all over again. Reading this kind of perspectives, such as this essay, born from natural “unofficial” flows of information, would of been practically impossible previous to the internet.

Masses of people become more and more aware of their condition, their identity and the world. They are beginning to tell their own stories, short-circuiting the “official” narrative. For ‘the powers that be’ this is sounding a lot like the start for ‘equality among human beings’.

And they are right, because the internet is undoing social programing, reveals the things hidden by mass-media, and has the ability to govern humankind in a horizontal, decentralized way (see Ethereum and other blockchain platforms) smashing to bits the vertical pyramid of power. In the last 20 years more and more private endeavors managed to outdo governments in providing education, food, vaccines and other medical aides to people in need, not to mention efforts in saving ecosystems, endangered species, and raising awareness about global warming. After the Haitian earthquake struck “Tens of thousands of so-called digital volunteers were scouring the Internet, converting tweets that had already been converted from texts and putting these into open-source maps, layering them with all sorts of important information — people like Crisis Mappers and Open Street Map — and putting these on the Web for everybody — the media, the aid organizations and the communities themselves — to participate in and to use.” (Paul Coneally, TedX). So, volunteers self-organizing to help NGO’s and other volunteers - internet, private initiative, horizontal organization.

The people (humanity that is), as a collective, democratic and yet private effort, is in a historic struggle against a fraction of 1 percent that keeps our civilization a thousand years behind. These fractional parts of society meant literally Hell(!) to billions of individuals across time.. and they still do!

We’re not fighting a blood-line here, but we’re morally fighting the same elite as our ancestors did, thousands of years ago. It’s the “elite system” that propagates, because at each new generation it’s doing everything in it’s power to keep things as they are. These elites cashed-in on an early start, and by using the same unscrupulous means that granted them that start, they continue to prosper as cancer cells that eat away at Humanity’s body.

All that we produce, as a collective, from precious minds to precious stones, from medical discoveries to supercomputers, from brain research to statistics, they all go to hugely benefit a tiny fraction of society, just trickling for the rest of us. Not only this, but things like automation and robots are even turning against us, leaving more and more people without jobs, creating socio-economic instability for the rest of those that still have a place to work.

Today the people are still exploited, but not by summoning God.. for the Establishment has become itself God-like. Serfdom has not been abolished, it just got scientifically refined.

UPDATE: 2008, a huge global economic crisis has slashed at the feet of the middle and lower classes. Word on the street (also among many specialists) it was one of the largest takeovers of wealth in history, from the people to a couple of private banks. Meantime the banks were crying with crocodile tears that they ended up with all that “worthless” property on their hands; an economic expert knows all to well that physical property, altho in a momentary low, cannot but increase in value over medium and long term, the very timescales in which big financial agents operate.. like banks. Oh yeah, the governments also decided the same banks should be helped financially, from taxpayer money, to get over the economic instability safely. And safely they did, as among the very banks that started the crisis, tens of $ millions in bonuses were given, to individual CEO’s.

UPDATE: Greece, an almost unique place in regards to the social benefits of the common citizen, has somehow entered a crisis. The word on the street is that dirty politicians were bribed for decades into stirring the country towards huge debt and carefully engineered default. Greeks will now have to loose pretty much everything owned by the state, to the private Banks; from the clean water services, postal service, control over some of the biggest ports in the world, transport, etc - things that make $ billions revenues. And of course pay the terrible penalties to the “loan shark” Banks that mastered it all.

UPDATE: Many Arab fundamentalist groups got made/stirred as a consequence of Bush’s (proven illegal) war on Iraq. The word on the street is that after the Al Qaida ceased to be a threat, well before Bin Laden’s death, the western military-industrial complex needed to rekindle the fundamentalist fire - for, when you make $ billions as a rat exterminator, the last thing you need is a rat free world!

Also the word goes that if you want to be able to control the population you’re interested to have rats among them, as a perfectly valid excuse to invade their private life. This will give green light to mass surveillance, constitutional changes, martial law changes, and people will elect (or more readily accept) fascist governments.

UPDATE: The Cold War is about to make it’s way again into our lives, there’s fairly strong tension between east and west. And it was about time, “we had enough of those good times, and our government is so right in making us fight those bad people ‘on the other side’”.

Whatever foolish dreams and social projects we may have had, they must give way to the importance and “seriousness” of making war. It looks like it’s going to be a long “economic war”, hitting on both sides (poor and middle class off course), hitting further on the rest of the planet. Nonetheless, huge sums of money will be engulfed by the military and intelligence efforts on-top of the already huge sums of money they engulf, socio-economic instability will arise, possibly new “security measures” will be supported by the people on all sides. How daring and brave must be those that make the decisions.. knowing that billions of human lives will be affected in this poker game.

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