A Poem About Coffee

By Rare Todd

Oh, like there’s never been one of those before.

I’ll bet every last hack on the earth has written about coffee.

It’s the first thing that greets most writers in morning.

The damn machine is right next to the bed.

How unoriginal can you get?

Why not write a poem about balloons?

Or baboons?

Or some obscure character from Looney Tunes!

Oh, what, now you’re trying to rhyme?

What the bloody hell is the matter with you?

But still… when it’s made correctly, it’s so smooth.

The heat cascades down your gullet

Into you very being, jolting you up!

It’s the electricity that motivates you.

You can’t live without it. So you make more.

Each sip is a welcome

Sting of caffeine to the pallet

Liquid uppers in a mug.

You’ll get through the day.

You’ll get through this.