Anchor, away!

I ditched Anchor. They came out with version 3.0, and it’s awful. They took away most of the social aspects of the app, like echoing and commenting on segments. They’ve also replaced call-ins with voice messages. They basically ruined it for me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on LIMOR lately. It really is a better social audio app. A person can leave a voice comment on the original cast, or one can leave a text reply. There are working hashtags. Lots of people from Anchor are jumping ship and heading over to LIMOR. I’m one of them.

They just announced a beta testing group for Android users, and I signed up right away. In the meantime I’m using my son’s iPad to use LIMOR, which isn’t very convenient actually. I can’t keep stealing my son’s electronics just so I can voice chat with strangers, now can I?

So, try to find me there occasionally.

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