Do I still have a book in me?

We were walking around the block this evening, my son and I, and he asked me about writing another book. I have written one unpublished book. It’s not good enough to publish, actually, but I did write one. I looked into self-publishing, but that was a big scam. They fawned over my novella and told me to dish out inordinate amounts of money I didn’t have.

But I am at a point in my life where I don’t feel the need to be famous or “successful” (whatever that means). However, I do miss writing. You’ll notice, most of these posts are about me trying to write again. Well, this little blurb is a stab at it.

I told my son that I don’t think I would write another fiction book. I only wrote depressing fiction when I wrote my short stories. It’s hard to write short stories. Some people say it’s easier to write a novel than write a short story. I struggled every time. Probably because I was depressed and not in a great frame of mind at the time. That is an altogether different story.

So, I’m sort of “free writing” right now. I’m not giving a shit who reads this. I’m just spewing out words to see if I can string any of them together into anything meaningful.

I told my son that I might have at least one more book in me. It will probably be a non-fiction book. Perhaps it will be a collection of essays. “You mean like The Federalist Papers?” my son said. (He’s big into Hamilton and the musical of the same name.)

“Well, it would probably be more of a collection of essays that talk about my opinions on things, like atheism and such.”

“When I think about that,” he said, “I think I would be bored reading that.” Luckily I’m not about to write about something that an 11-year old would find exciting.

I’m interested in writing something funny perhaps.

I’m listening to a playlist of bass-heavy songs called, “Bass for your face!” I love making playlists.

Maybe I should write about music and metal. I do love music more than most anything in the world. Why not combine my talents for writing with my talents for music.

On to the next story…