What kind of writer am I? I thought I was a literary fiction writer, but that led me down a dark path. Well, I don’t think writing led me down the dark path, but the path influenced my writing. It was always dark and disturbing.

I had depression during most of those years as a writer. Am I ready to go back to writing? The blank page does beckon me, to be honest. I just want a creative outlet. I’ve tried learning the guitar, but it’s just simply not fun.

That’s my problem… I give up on things too soon. There’s no reason why I can’t be a writer and a guitar player, now is there? Of course not.

I thought perhaps I could be some kind of humorist. Or I could write about music. I love music above many, many things. Listening to music is one of the top activities that brings me joy in my life. Why not write about that?

I’m just scribbling down some things to pass the time and try to get inspired here. I’m only writing this for me. I hope you’re enjoying it. You’ve read this far, after all, haven’t you?