The test was hard, but I passed it! I took an online transcription test to see if I could actually do the job. And I passed! The audio files were short and not to hard to follow. I studied the style guide and used its information. So who knows? I may be working in the transcription world pretty soon. I just have to wait for that email message which tells me I’m in. I keep checking my email every five minutes to see if it’s shown up yet in my in-box.

I’m just tired of teaching English online on a platform that’s full of bugs. The connection problems are infuriating! If I can get a student to show up for class, then the class crashes or loses audio. Or there’s a long delay, which is super annoying.

I’d rather be writing for a living actually. I wish I could do what George Mahood did. He wrote four or five non-fiction books about traveling around the UK and the USA. He’s had some amazing adventures. I don’t have many adventures actually. Unless you count camping with friends as adventures sometimes…

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