A New Beginning: Starting with a Clean Slate

Some of you might have got a chance to read the blog post I wrote after our acquisition on how we want to stay humble and focused. This is, in some sense, a continuation of that post.

Profoundis was an amazing journey which taught me (and our team) a lot of lessons. We have reached overcame hurdles and reached many milestones. We are thankful to this amazing learning we got. But this post is about my decision to walk past the story/success of Profoundis and start with a clean slate.

There is one phrase which helped me to accomplish this mindset:

‘This too shall pass’

This phrase is followed from some Persian story (which I don’t know about). The importance of this phrase is, you could tell this to a happy or sad person and ‘it has the ability to make the happy man sad and the sad man happy’.

  • When you are sad — this too shall pass — means sorrow will go and you will be happy again.
  • When you are overwhelmingly happy — this too shall pass — means happiness won’t last forever and you can keep yourself stable.

What do I mean by starting with a clean slate:

  1. It means to completely leave the celebration and success behind me and am going to work even harder to build the best data in the world.
  2. It means to treat today as the first day of my career at work.
  3. It means to have a very open mind, being vulnerable to criticisms and take active effort to learn as much as possible.
  4. It means that I’m getting my mind ready for a change from Kerala, India to Denver, US (FullContact HQ). (move by end of year).
  5. Finally it means, I whole heartedly accept the role of Head of Data Strategy of FullContact Global

I’m super excited and looking forward to having a great time with Team FullContact.

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