Control your emotions if you want to be productive

When I was a child, I was very hot tempered (imagine the extreme you can, I was still worse). When I grew up, I was growing up in true sense. I was understanding the bad things inside me (quite a long list) and correcting one at a time. One of the ways I used to do is to look at calm senior people around me and imitate them. How would they react if they were in any given situation?

After I got a grab of my anger, I started pursuing a new dream (till date, I’m on it). The dream is to ‘Not Get Angry without My Will”. It is not so easy. (specially if you drive on Indian roads, you would swear 2 times every 5 mins). As you might have noted, Im not thinking about getting rid of anger. I think anger (like any other emotion) is a must-have emotion (more on this later). It gets screwed when it is ‘Uncontrolled’. You might have seen people with ‘Spiky’ anger. They just goes to the top gear of their anger for silly things, be at that spike for mere minutes before coming back. But many at times, that spike might have done a lot of irreparable damages.

You might be thinking, ‘why is this guy is writing about ‘Anger is a bad thing’? We have heard our parents saying this since birth’. But think about this, have you really thought how your emotions control your productivity. It is much more profound than you have ever imagined. Here I’m using anger to explain why you should have balanced emotions (all of them).

Breaking the flow:
If you are a person who likes getting into a grove and continuing to be there to keep being productive, every single unbalanced emotion will throw you so much out of your groove. For eg; for a minute of anger, you might have to spend 2 hours of forcing yourself to settle back to your rhythm. Imagine the loss.

Indecisiveness or even worse wrong decisions:
It is actually alright if you are not deciding, but have you noticed? When there is an extreme emotion, you tend to decide then and there. You want to kick his butts right now (did you think about your boss?).

Though the quotes says about different things, let me tell you ‘don’t decide when you are unbalanced’. Like someone said, ‘don’t commit to your wife when you are happy about something. It might be costly’. (extreme happiness is also unbalanced).

Life saving tip: When the next pissing email comes in, wait it out, sleep on it and only then reply.

Lost in thoughts as an after effect:
Something happened, and you might have reacted. Afterwards, you are either thinking about the happening or about your reaction. Imagine the time you will lose doing this. The good thing about not getting to extreme emotions is that you have control over your will. This will help you to pull yourself out when you feel like.

Any emotion can be super productive if you can channel them in the right way. There are people who have ridiculed my ideas, or my startup or something that I did. Ofcourse it angers me, but instead of shouting it out, I choose to keep that inside me, not as a burning fire, but as a ‘want’ to prove them wrong. It is not spiky at all; I might have them for years before I can prove my point and this fuel along with others I have, will keep me going.

Having a control over your emotions or your will can be the greatest asset in your life, may be it be personal or professional.

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