Friend: “You have a lot of experiences. Right?” Me: “Not really!!!”

In 2014, I was a speaker at an event in TKM Engineering College, Kollam. I was handling a session with some of my life stories to a 150 member crowd from different engineering colleges. I had also invited my close friend’s friend Nimish Joseph as a speaker. Nimish is a part of Toastmaster’s club and works with Oracle. We were meeting for the first time then and he listened to my session with all curiosity.

PS: This is the video of same topic (The story of an Idiot slides)at some other venue. Sorry for the not-so-great video quality.

After the session (which thankfully went well), Nimish came to me, congratulated and asked me “You have a lot of different experiences. Right?”. For a moment, I considered the question and then answered “Not really, I think it is more about realizing key learnings from the small incidents happening in our life”. If you see the above video, you will understand how I take the smallest instances, learn something from them and present as stories.

I sit back and think through each of the incidents quite deeply. The more you think about something, the clearer it gets. I remember every incident of my life since my 7th standard, I remember each email I read, I try to realize something out of incidents, I have a tendency to catch good stories. (BTW, it is said that when you remember an event, our brain is remembering the last time you remembered the event. Confusing. Yes. But it means, the more you remember/think about an event, the more it sticks to you).

Why I’m telling this? Just think about yourself for a moment — how many people do you meet daily? how many incidents do you see, hear and read everyday? how many mistakes you make from time to time? Each of these events is a story. Many of these events have some sort of a take away. As you see, this simple question from Nimish has got me thinking something deeper and after years, I’m penning it down. Similarly, if we dig down to our own experiences, there are enough ‘crash courses’ within them.

As a bonus: By doing the continuous drilling down to own experience, slowly you will evolve your clarity; clarity to think through clouded thoughts/instances/conditions and come up with decisions.

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