Keep inspiring, live by example

Choosing to Volunteer with IEEE was one of the best choices I took in college (if not the best). IEEE gave me the opportunity, exposure, confidence and experience. There were several people whom I looked upto (even now) and got inspired or learned from. While the time was moving on, I started to understand that the cycle is coming back. In a few years since my start of IEEE, I saw my juniors started to look at me for inspiration and learning.

I always loved to interact with engineering students. I prepare as hard as possible before every session. I spent time with my slides, with content and even the jokes I would tell (some are impromptu). Along with my prep, keeping on topics I know a bit about, and my way of interactive presentation (I don’t know speeches) helped me to connect to the audience well. I started receiving emails, FB messages, calls and phone messages from my participants that ‘they loved the session’, ‘they are inspired’, ‘they want to do something’. I felt happy, but didn’t expect big changes.

But over the years, I have seen many people who started their relation with me from my sessions continuously interacting with me, growing steadily and now people are looking at them as inspirations. Changing people’s life in a positive way is one of the profound and passionate cause that I care about.

Inspiration is really powerful.The right spark at the right time can make the next world leaders. If there is one way each of us can contribute to the growth of our fellows, it is by inspiring them. I have taken a chosen path that one of the key ways in which I will try to bring about change is my inspiring people. I aim to make them understand that big things as they know it, might not be rocket science, ordinary people can also achieve them with the right attitude, hard work and trying as many times as it takes.

One of the best ways to inspire is to live as an example. If I want to inspire a person to be passionate about their career, or to inspire them to take risks in career, I can either point my finger on someone and say “Look at him”. Or I can just give an experience from my life. While the first one is effective, the second one is 100X more effective. Infact, I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t preach what we don’t practise. (For eg; I have seen corporates guy all throughout their life preaching about entrepreneurship. He can talk about regret of not making the lead of faith, but not about entrepreneurship).

Before a few years, I had big embarrassment when someone told me that they are looking at me. Now I think ‘let them look at me for now and scale to next level’. Once they are at the next level, they will find their perfect idol for them and leapfrog me some day.

Living by example is a BIG responsibility. You are trying every single second to become a person whom you want others to become. It affects the simple things like what you post on FB. Once, got so frustrated about something and I posted with an ‘F’ word on my FB. I got a ping from my friend saying, people don’t expect me to use ‘the word’ and I edited the post. Starting from the small things, it scales up to the big decisions you take around your career and life.

I don’t think I’m even near to a perfect live by example to inspire others. However, I’m trying and I will keep trying.

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