NJ state leaders are supporting policies that benefit only the politically connected while failing to enact policies that advance the Latinx community.

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Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina wrote an insightful piece on the state of the Latinx community in New Jersey and some of the important policy priorities important to Latinx voters. Most importantly, she reminds the state’s political leaders that “it is not enough just to celebrate our heritage and culture” and that we need to demand “ALL NJ political leaders to stop bickering for power and act on behalf of 20% of your tax-paying Latino families.” …

On EP9 of Beats, Hustle, & Politics, the former Summit councilman talks about his experience as an under-30 politico in New Jersey.

Richard was only 24 years old when he was first elected as Councilman-At-Large for the city of Summit in 2016. He is now a 2nd-year law student at Harvard University. During the podcast, Richard talked about his experiences growing up in Summit, his time as a young elected official, and his love of Bon Jovi.

After listening to the podcast episode, make sure you to check out his Spotify playlist below, which are both found below:

S. Nadia Hussain reflects on the recent art exhibit event held by the Bangladeshi American Women’s Development Initiative

Paterson Mayor Andrew Sayegh and Vice Mayor Ferdous Hussain present BAWDi with a city proclamation in honor of Intl. Mother Language Day

This post was originally published on February 27, 2019 at MomsRising.org

BAWDi (The Bangladeshi American Women’s Development Initiative), a community-based organization that supports and advocates for Bangladeshi American women, girls and families in New Jersey, in partnership with The Paterson Museum and MomsRising/MamasConPoder recently organized an art exhibit opening, with performances and a panel discussion in honor of International Mother Language Day on Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at the Paterson Museum, in Paterson, NJ.

EP8 of Beats, Hustle, & Politics featured guest is Asia Norton, a member of the Newark Board of Education.

Born and raised in Newark, Asia was recently elected to the city’s Board of Education. During the podcast, she talks about her experience as a product of the Newark school system and as a teacher in the city. We also talked about her love of the city and some of the current issues facing Black families in New Jersey.

We recorded this episode prior to former Newark Mayor and now US Senator Cory Booker announcing his candidacy for United States President. We discussed what his presidential run means to the city of Newark. We also talked about.

Check out the episode below and take a listen to the Spotify playlist she shared with us:

New Jersey Plus recorded a special podcast recording of the immigration workshop held during the Latino Action Network 2019 Legislative Conference.

The Latino Action Network (“LAN”) recently held their 2019 Legislative Conference held in Newark, New Jersey. LAN is a progressive grassroots organization that advocates for issues affecting the Latino community in the state. Their legislative conference is the largest gathering of Latino activists, organizations, and elected officials in the state. The workshops that were covered Immigrant Rights, Education, Healthcare, Affordable Housing, Environmental Justice, and Criminal Justice Reform.

New Jersey Plus recorded LAN’s immigration workshop and published it as one of the first in a series of Special Podcast episodes covering currently policy issues in New Jersey. The workshop provided a…

Why can’t Democrats get more than 65% of the Latinx vote despite Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and embrace of White nationalists?

Prior to Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election, the conventional wisdom was that Trump would get significantly less than 27% of the Latinx vote that then-Republican candidate Mitt Romney won in 2012. In the 2008 Presidential election, John McCain won 31% of the Latinx vote. Both Romney and McCain never used the bigoted anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican rhetoric that Trump used to win the White House. However, after the 2016 election, the Pew Research Center found that Trump won a higher percentage of the Latinx vote than Mitt Romney. Trump got 28% of the Latinx vote, which is also about…

She says she’s forming an “exploratory committee” as she seeks the 2020 Democratic Party Nomination

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

If Elizabeth Warren wins the Presidency in 2020, the Rutgers Law School graduate would be one of the very few presidents to have done so without an Ivy League Degree. Every president since 1988 held at least one degree from an Ivy League school.

Check out her announcement below:

EP7 of Beats, Hustle, & Politics featured guest is John J. Mulholland, Jr., chief of staff to NJ Assemblywoman Carol A. Murphy.

A resident of Cherry Hill, John is has held critical roles on political campaigns in New Jersey, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. He is currently the chief of staff for Assemblywoman Carol Murphy of New Jersey’s 7th legislative district. He is also the president of the South Jersey Young Democrats.

On the podcast, we spoke about how he decided to seek a career in politics over pursuing a traditional legal career, his experience working as staff in the New Jersey Assembly, and some of the issues affecting the 7th Legislative District and South Jersey in general.

Check out the episode below and take a listen to the Spotify playlist he shared with us:

On episode 6 of Beats, Hustle, & Politics, we spoke with Charity Jeffries, a Chief of Staff in the NJ Assembly for the 2nd Legislative District.

Originally from North Carolina, Charity has worked her way through several political positions and now plays a key role as chief of staff to two Democratic assemblymen in New Jersey’s 2nd legislative district. She is also on the board of the New Jersey chapter of New Leaders Council.

On the podcast, we spoke about her North Carolina roots, how she hustled to pursue a career in New Jersey politics, and her thoughts on the issues facing the district she works for.

Also, if you are looking for a playlist that gets you up, the list she shared with us is…

On episode 5 of Beats, Hustle, & Politics, we spoke to a public high school teacher Nagla Bedir. She is the co-founder of Teaching While Muslim.

After graduating from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education with a Masters of Education, Nagla started her teaching career as a social studies teacher at Perth Amboy High School. She is also a co-founder of Teaching While Muslim, which provides professional development workshops and resources for educators on bias, intersectionality, and social justice. Nagla has also been featured in various publications on a state and national level, such as the Huffington Post.

During the interview, we spoke about her philosophy on teaching, her personal and professional experiences as a Muslim-American, and her work with Teaching while Muslim.

Along with the…

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