Art direction meets AI in a growing library of beautiful, expressive content within Microsoft 365

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A conceptual depiction of AI searching for the perfect font for your PowerPoint slide.

Mark Rothko used color to paint abysses deep enough to lose yourself in. Prince used his voice to conjure images of raspberry berets and oceans of violets in bloom. Break dancers and ballerinas use the body in motion to express everything from love to fury.

We instinctively engage with color, sound, and motion from the time we’re born. These universal forms of expression take us places the written word sometimes can’t go, viscerally animating ideas and providing context.

But people often associate these communicative tools more with the arts than with corporate spaces, which is perhaps why we haven’t traditionally seen these elements in digital productivity ecosystems. …


Rachel Romano

Microsoft Design storyteller & strategist. HarperCollins author with pieces in The NYT and The Atlantic. Current mom to plants & a fur child. Views are my own.

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