Do the Clothes Make the Man? What Ishay Ribo and the Kohen Gadol Can Teach Us About Transformation

Note: A version of this post was originally delivered as a d’var torah at Darkhei Noam in New York City for Parshat Ki Tavo in 2019.

On the off chance you’ve missed it, there’s a song called Seder HaAvodah by Ishay Ribo that is going around the Jewish internet right now. If you haven’t heard it yet, I could not recommend giving it a listen more highly. The song is essentially a recounting of the Avodah, the service of the Kohen Gadol, which is at the heart of the liturgy for Musaf on Yom Kippur. …

Rachel Rosenthal

Rachel Rosenthal holds a PhD in rabbinic literature and teaches Torah throughout New York. You can learn more about her at

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