An Indic Plurinational Model : A Multi Knowledge, Policy , Cultural , Business , Innovation Ecology

Author : Sunny Narang

Source : From LinkedIn Archives

Date first published : December 6th , 2017

We need to evolve our own understanding of the Indian Civilizational State .

It is not a majority mono-lingual nation like US , UK , Japan , South Korea , France or Germany .

It is not a majority mono-ethnic nation like Han China .

It is not a Religious nation like Israel, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia .

It isn’t an ideological nation like USSR was.

Only a lot like EU , together , but with a more fluid togetherness where different languages coexist in the others geography , multi ethnic and multi religious communities co-exist , in every dialect region from Bhojpuri to Tamil to Punjabi .

We are our own unique Civilization .

And it’s contemporary version is “India” like an USSR with multi national country with a singular armed force and common foreign relationship besides currency that EU also shares with us.

Our nationalism is multi nationalism . It is an heterodox construct .

Against mono ethnic mono religious mono anything .

An Indic Plurinationalism .

Only much older larger deeper in scale

The way I see it similarly in Economics , Business and Innovation we need Gandhian Khadi and Village Industry , a State-Socialist Sector , Cooperatives , Big and Small Private as well as the Informal sector.

With dovetailing the strengths of each .

Amul is a Cooperative . As is Lijjat Papad .

ISRO is the State Sector as is the Railways .

Border Roads Organisation is the Army Sector .

The most brilliant Ikats are created by master weavers as are the Banarasi sarees, that is the Village and Kasba Artisan Sector .

In Manufacturing Maruti Suzuki and Hero Honda showed what a PSU-MNC and a Big Indian Corporate and MNC Joint Ventures can achieve .

Create a whole auto-components ecology, one of the most complex in the world . Getting ready for the Electric Vehicle Disruption.

The Haldiram’s that took on the Pepsi Namkeens and Chips .

The FabIndia , the SEWA , the TCS and Infosys , the hybrid Social Welfare Private , the NGO , the BPO and ITES .

We need to look at what works , what doesn’t .

What will sustain , what will not .

How do we balance the large employment needs in an Age of Infinite Automation , Machine Learning and AI with needs of 6 sigma , no rejection market demands .

There is no one out there who knows it all .

The Age of the Singular Expert is Over , as is the Age of the Singular Knowledge System of the Western University .

And so we need a different kind of “Enlightened Jugaad” now also called “Frugal Engineering” , not the cheapest product at the worst quality answer , but the Relevant product at the Relevant Quality , while maintaining certain minimum labour and environmental standards .

Simply like the Pluralist Diversity of Human Systems like Languages , Cultures, Communities, Knowledge and Production Systems, Religions and Sects , and the Biodiversity needed to sustain Ecological Systems we need a “Multi-contextual” approach to Innovation , Business , Politics , not any fixed Orthodoxy.

And for that we need the humility to listen to others and the flexibility to act at multiple levels and the grace to accept that we are all not the only ones with an answer.