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Author : Sunny Narang

Source : Facebook Archives

First Published Date : 1st August, 2018

It’s a joy that is equivalent to your child’s first step which a start up founder feels at each new beginning .

I have been mentoring and have some small equity in one of the most interesting recreational sports start up LEH LEH Sports founded by two corporate professionals who have both worked outside India , and decided to follow their passion to make people play . Wherever .


In their company canteens or a small courtyard or outbound workshops using many mainstream or strange activities . Just getting them to be physically active . Together .

Siddharth Pandey and Vikas Jawa are the persistent co-founders , who have been at it for years .

Now they have their own first physical space , a synthetic football all weather turf in Gurgaon at the Excelsior American School , Gurgaon aka Gurugram !

It’s called Spada .

So now rain or shine , night or day you can book together a few friends for a game .

They will be having coaching classes too for football and other sports soon.

Getting people out and to get them to play together is something that seems to be their life’s mission .

Hoping they go all over with many such turfs .

About Leh Leh Sports :