Things I learnt after 4 years spent freelancing

Lastes work: Ozone Coffee Roasters magazine. Photo by Nathan Taylor.

I’ve been freelancing for almost 4 years now. There were great moments — I launched an agency, published magazines, did talks and traveled for work. There were dark days too — when I closed the agency, lost money, did jobs I hated for people I couldn’t stand. What have I learnt?

  1. Do what you really love — learn to say no to projects your heart is not devoted to. “Interesting things happen, when you do interesting things” D. Hieatt
  2. Create space — if you say yes to work that’s not right for you, it will take up space otherwise filled with projects and opportunities you feel excited about. It’s a simple rule, but hard to follow, especially when your bank account makes you cry. Stick to it, don’t quit on yourself — the ‘big dream job’ is made of the little steps you take— continue building instead.
  3. See the bigger picture. Ask questions. Look for ‘why’ and know the exact reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing. Stop immediately, if it takes away your focus.
  4. Listen to your intuition — it’s a true superpower.
  5. Create your world. Invest in your world.
  6. Don’t do fast things for money.
  7. Not sure what you want to do? The only way to figure it out is to try something new.
  8. Wallow in weirdness; Interesting things happen at the fringes.

My long term plan is to run a Creative Consultancy for Hospitality and continue in publishing. The two things don’t really go together. That’s why it’s so special.

How will I get there?

I don’t know. I don’t have to. What I do know is that I am passionate about the two. As long as I keep true to them, I will be getting closer. As long as I do what interests me, I will stay enthusiastic about life (staying enthusiastic and energetic is the best way to measure personal success).

Things I’d like to try:

work on launching a restaurant

publish another magazine for a brand (OCR, you are wicked for hiring me and I’ll love you forever)

publish a book about family owned restaurants

start a podcast with my friends Annie & Miranda

be a film producer

be a theatre producer

be a radio producer


go traveling on a weird mission, possibly for channel 4.

curate a tent in Wilderness Festival

launch an art gallery