BSU wins East Carolina University, “Organization of the Year” Award, Spring 2012 — Pictured, Martell Walker (left), Joshua Burney(middle)

It was the Spring of 2012 and I was closing in on my junior year at East Carolina University. I got a phone call from the sitting Black Student Union President, where he had notified me that I overwhelmingly won the support of the Black Student Union (BSU) body to serve as their president the following school semester. I was thrilled and motivated to assume this position. I’ve had political ambitions dating from 2008 when at the age of 16 I worked as a field organizer for Obama for America. After school or after track practice I would spend my…


Tech companies call for a dial-back in digital consumption, is it finally time to start hanging out again, in-person?

Our connections with one another take shape because we construct our identities in the same way. The need for meaningful connections is becoming increasingly more important as the world becomes more isolated from in-real-life experiences — due to the over-commitment to our social media feeds and mobile devices.

You are not alone in your feelings of loneliness and it has a direct implication to your overall health. According to a recent study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) — WHO now lists “social support networks” as an official determinant of optimal emotional health. …

Rashaad Denzel

Going with what I always longed for.

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