Day 2 of the Night Before

Man plans, God laughs. There’s something to the self-improvement method of finishing the day by writing the five most important things you want to get done the following day. I say this because last night I decided to give this method a try and today was a day where nearly every possible interruption, disruption and annoyance possible reared its ugly head.

However, despite the distractions each task I wrote down was accomplished. Not only that it was done with grace. Usually when I have a to-do-list etc. and I fail to complete a task or something happens that prevents me completing a goal within its required time things head downhill rapidly for me when it comes finishing said tasks.

With this method I knew what needed to be done and didn’t stress myself out by over thinking why I didn’t complete a task in said time or a slight annoyance becoming something much bigger because I’m focusing on how much time the annoyance is taking away from me.

Maybe writing things down the night before allowed my mind to relax which allowed me to rest better and within that relaxation my brain might have already started to processing some of the task. Plus, I woke up already knowing what I needed to do giving me a real jump on the day. Finally, being prepared reduces the possibility of procrastination.

Of course, this was only Day 1, so today’s success might have been beginner’s luck.