Greener II


Well, where to begin… Performance.

Without paying attention to specs I knew my Samsung Galaxy S8+ was going to run circles around my Lumia 1520 since it was released in 2013 and four years in technology years are eons. However, what really pushed the hardware over the top is the software. Everything on the S8+ flows smoothly where on my Lumia I was restarting my phone at least once a day. Constant hiccups, apps not launching or launching and freezing. So the Android OS makes the hardware even more superior. Hardware aside the one thing I enjoyed about my 1520 was its screen. The display was beautiful actually it still is. However, the S8+, the screen is poetry in motion. I never viewed a lot of videos on my phone but my S8+ has me not only web videos but I am even watching TV shows via DirectTV Now, Full screen and Hulu. Do yourself a favor and visit your local electronic boutique and treat your eyes to the lovely display of the S8+. Allow me to go into the specs.

Samsung went the extra mile when it comes to S8/S8+ display. Their “Infinity Display” packs features that go beyond resolution and size.

Off the bat S8/S8+ feature displays with WQHD resolution 2960x1440 with a weird 18.5:9 ratio. This ratio allows you to see and do more from the screen. From viewing more images or feeds on social media and of course more text within email. This larger screen lends itself well to multi-window features.


When discussing tech I really hate to get into specs since nearly every gadget on the market will have at least twenty videos, articles and posts detailing specs ad nauseam. I prefer to talk about said tech and how it works in the real world rather than talking about numbers. So in the real world this powerful screen has no problem being visible on a bright sunny day….

The awkward Infinity Display’s aspect ratio allows users to see and do more from the screen. Thanks to the 18.5:9 ratio, the Galaxy S8’s display enables users to view more images and feeds on social media, as well as read more text in an email.

On top of that, the display has been optimized for improved multi-window usability, so you’ll be able to type a text message on the phone’s full keyboard while watching a YouTube clip at the same time.

The new Snap Window feature included in the Galaxy S8 is supposed to further enhance multitasking by allowing users to pin a particular area from a recent app to the top of the screen, and keep using the space below it to do they stuff.

Another interesting feature that Galaxy S8 users will benefit from is Gentle Notifications, which uses Edge Lightning and a small toast pop-up message instead of large notifications.

Last but not least, Samsung has added Corning Gorilla Glass 5 coating for both Galaxy S8 and S8+ displays for the much needed extra protection.