My great cord-cutting experiment of 2017…

has begun. Actually, it started three weeks ago, but now I am finally getting around to playing lab rat. The reason for this experiment is the reason for everything economic. Comcast/Xfinity or however that works. Hopefully one day someone will explain to me how Comcast became Xfinity etc? My cable, Internet, phone bill was always bubbling over $250 despite my constant efforts to keep it around $200. So when a new ISP provider offered a much higher speed internet at a lower price, I knew it was time to make my move.

So with the Emperor dead, the people can roam free. Time to dust off my Roku and experiment with some live TV streaming services. First up to bat was Sling TV.

Sling TV like all the services I am going to mentioned offer you the ability with certain limitations to choose the channel package that suits you. No more paying for 100’s of channels that you’re not going to watch and unlike Netflix, Hulu or Amazon they offer live TV which allows you sports junkies to enjoy the game.

Sling TV basic tier is only $20 a month and provides more than enough sports channels, and if that isn’t enough, they have a sports package that cost extra. They also offer premium channel packages, i.e., HBO, Shotime, etc. I will say that out of all the services I tried Sling TV was the only one that didn’t cause me any problems.

Sling TV just works, and it’s on demand content never let me down. However, it’s Interface is to clunky . It organizes what’s on by categories rather than numerical or alphabetical channel order. Which isn’t bad but it’s irritating especially if you have one of Sling TV advance tier packages.

  • Speaking of interfaces Roku will update your interface. I mean you look antiquated when compared to Amazon TV.

Of course one can customize their channel layout, but even that is clunky. 
Still for the price and what it offers Sling TV is worth a try even better it comes with a seven-day trial which I wish was fourteen days or more to allow to one tinker with Sling TV from top to bottom.

In my next cord cutting session, I will look at Playstation Vue by Sony.