Why Did I Decide to Leverage Amazon and Ebay As A Way to Earn Extra Money.

To make a very long story short, back in highschool I had friends that would stand in lines on their Saturdays for exclusive shoe releases. I thought they were crazy as hell; however, a friend of mine told me that he would buy shoes that would have a high resell value, and essentially sell them on EBay to the highest bidder. “Buying low and selling high” That was my 1st unoffical lesson to a thing called ecommerce. If you know shoes, you know that it’s a great market to get into if you have a shoe connect, know a security guard, or have time to wait in line these days. From that day I always wanted to learn, but was never taught the process, and frankly I thought EBay was a confusing mess back in 2008.

However, it wasn’t until 2016, almost 8 years later that I decided to get into ecommerce, because I started to see the world around me change. How many stores, and malls are you starting to see closing down due to lack of sales and customers? Ask yourself when was the last time you actually went into the mall to shop? or even actually bought tickets to the movies or events at a ticket booth? For me its been quite some time, because we live in a day and age that’s all about convenience. Hell you can even place a Chipotle order through a phone app! More and more people are shopping from their iPhones, Androids, tablets, and laptops then ever before. Its no reason why Amazon is the largest online retailer. E-commerce is so powerful today that major companies, such as Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, etc are seeing loses, and have to either move to the online marketplace, and/or scale back the number of their brick and mortar locations.

Not only that, added the major advancements in technology, now anyone can tap into this new ecosystem. Exhibit A, Uber founded in 2009, they don’t own a single car, suv, etc yet they have a market valuation of $50 billion dollars. Exhibit B, my favorite, Airbnb, doesn’t own one single home, room, condo, etc yet has a market valuation of $25 billion dollars. The online ecosystem is literally an untapped resource and to expand into the e-commerce sector, as Gary V stated in his recent interview on the Breakfast Club, its as simple as going to the dollar store using the Amazon app, scanning items, and then listing them right there on the spot! Shipping your items into Amazon and watching the sales climb. Its so simple that there isn’t an age demographic, you can be young, middle-aged or older, it simply doesn’t matter.

Please tell me what’s better than waking up to that Cha-Ching sound from a recent sale?? Whether you sourced the item from a supplier, or you found it while hitting garage sales. ANYONE can do this. Hell you can even do it the Gary V way and start by selling baseball cards. It’s quite interesting that I am doing this, because before I decided that I wanted to become an entrepreneur, back in middle school I had my own candy store out of locker #1327, and I would buy all my candy from my suppliers (Bj’s/Sam’s Club) and would upsell it to the next kid. Pop rocks, sour patch kids, you name it I sold it. Of course I had no idea, the impression that would leave on me. The funny thing about all of this is that when a person hits the “BUY” button they think they are getting a great deal, however the person who really got the deal is myself and/or other sellers who are getting the products way cheaper from somewhere else.

The Breakdown!!

Lets say John Doe sees an item on EBay selling for $65.00 free shipping included, and he purchases said item; however, the seller Janet was able to source the same item from one of her suppliers for $45.00. Now minus the EBay/Amazon and Paypal fees, yes their are fees. Janet makes a profit of $7.11. Not a bad way to start out the day. Imagine selling this same item 50 times ($355.50), 100 times ($711.00) either a day or a month. You can clearly see how this can get crazy good!! Many people are seeing 4–6 figure incomes with ecommerce. Not only that you literally have the ability to own your own store! The best part is you can do this part time. Let me give you an example. You’re out shopping for your family, and you decide to scan a few extra items to see what they are going for on Amazon. Hmm sounds simple right. My favorite part about ecommerce is that it forces you to pay attention to whats happening. The number one question I get from new business partners is “What do I list”, honestly if you just took a moment to look in your room, you can find 100’s of items to list! For these simple reasons above this is why I got into the industry.

Obviously I am making it a bit streamline, because to try and type up each process would be a bit lengthy. You could spend hours trying to research all of this information, and pray to God its current and correct. Like life, the industry is ever changing, EBay, Amazon and other retailers update policy’s and such. Also to do the listings manually are a pain in the ass unless you have automated software.

For those that made it to the end, I have something very special for you!! If you’re dead serious on the idea of getting into E-commerce, but didn’t know where to look, or if you’re currently in the industry, but your sales just suck, finally you’re a person who really just wants some over the shoulder style training, and access to automated tools, etc all in the same place, well right down below I have a few links that will direct you to some information that will help you to achieve your ecommerce dreams!!

Click here on how to learn ecommerce with a simple plug and play system (fully automated).

A video overview of How to Make Money Online Click here

Until my next blog post. This is Mastermind Harv signing out!

*UPDATE* please visit my website www.rashardharvey.com where I will posting 95% of my blogs.

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