A line in the line of sight: Day 02

It is day 02 and I have started exploring the basic elements of design. After learning how deep a simple image like that in the book Picture This: How Pictures Work can affect our emotions and our thoughts, and how much power we as designers have in creating experiences just by simple elements like lines, shapes and color as was the case in the book. I also realised there is so much to learn and, it is time to start with the basics.

So I started with line a very basic element of design but so powerful and so complete in itself in conveying messages, that you will be amazed. Who would have thought how much meanings and visual grammar a simple thing as a line can contain. I read about how we can use lines to divide elements or give a texture or give a sense of motion or aspiration or for that matter stability and a s much more just changing the alignment, thickness and form of the line. And the colors are yet to come.

There are many different types line and many different motivations to use them contour, dividing, gesture, decoration etc. Just think about how much we are conveying and evoking in the viewer just by a line. Makes me think about the power we have to convey, the thoughts and emotions just by a basic simple element. That is the power, isn’t it? The power that we are all looking for. The power to convey emotions and affect thoughts without even words, just by sight. Now that I think about it, there is so much in a simple design that talks, a story that we haven’t really seen before, but have definitely felt. We don’t even know that we are being affected, led and explained when we don’t even read a word. So much power in so simple a figure. I am just feeling so awake and amazed at how much I am going to unravel in this journey, there is so much to learn, so much to think and process. Just the angle of a line and you can feel stable, at peace or unstable fearing you would fall. I am more resolved than ever to keep learning more uncovering more apostles as I go, after all, we live to learn and understand.

By the way, about the image in the post, I used some diagonal lines to add a hint of drama to complement with the humorous context of the title. I also added another diagonal line connected to one of the previous ones but in opposite direction, to draw an emotion of stability and the sincerity of the post. The image just didn't click till I added that last diagonal line in opposite direction.

I am sharing my journey on my blog and I would love for you to join. Hit the heart to show support. Until next time :)

Author of Kotlin Programming Cookbook | Android Developer | www.rashikaranpuria.com

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