From Developer to Designer : Day 01

Rashi Karanpuria
3 min readJul 20, 2017


I have been an android and web developer for a long time now, but I have always felt there is more I can do to a product than what I can do with just development tools. As a kid, I was insanely into art, be it designing clothes, jewellery, house architecture, interior or for that matter daily use products. As I grew up I got more and more interested in creating software and here I am now. Although I have tried my hands in product design as well as logo design with the help the amazing software like Canva, Inkscape and Gimp, mainly because I wanted to design my own products for my past startups. But my education in this field is not at all structured or for that matter even beginner. So I decided to change that thing today. And I have a very compelling reason to do so, I have a product in my mind that relies heavily on design. As usual, I want to do it on my own.

Beginning today I am embarking on the journey of exploring the world of design. my primary aim is to be able to create compelling pallets, and combined with fonts be able to create brand centric and user friendly product designs that convey more without words and are powerful enough to inflict emotions in the viewers, my secondary goal is to be able to make complex figures like cartoons, logos etc and combining them with color palettes and typography be able to create a brand story that speaks for itself and my tertiary goal is to be able to animate this stuff that is work with motion. I don’t know where to start yet but I have a rough idea.

So today I am going to take a very small step by reading Picture This How Pictures Work by Molly Bang.
My initial goals are:

  • Going through the basic design elements, line, shapes, colours, texture etc.
  • Understanding colour theory
  • Learning more about typography
  • Understanding and experimenting with layouts
  • Installing Illustrator (it is a task because I am on Ubuntu ^_^)

By the way, I hope you like the image attached in this post it is my first work, after starting this journey. I wanted something that brings about the augmentation of development and design. The vibrant colours on the left are signifying the designer side and the dark monochromatic tone of the layer in the right shows more of the development side. Kind of similar to what I want to achieve that is the perfect addendum that gives me the power to create compelling products both from the point of view of tech as well design.

I am sharing my journey on my blog and I would love for you to join. Hit the heart to show support. Until next time :)



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