Every now and then we feel lost and confused and feel a huge burden that we can’t get rid of. It happens irrespective of whether we lead a simple or extraordinary life. We are successful or unsuccessful. We can’t decide what is the right path. Maybe we are afraid of tomorrow or worried about today.

It happened to me recently.

It is important to understand that this does not mean there is something wrong with you. Every now and then each one of us hit a road block and are afraid to move ahead. It is very important to not get stuck.

Smart people already know how to move past this phase. Some work it out by working out, while others meditate over it. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. There are hundreds of ways and whatever works for you is the best for you.

But it is vital that you don’t try to suppress those feelings, thinking they will go away on their own. They don’t. It might work for a little while and then these negative thoughts will force their way back to the surface.
You have to face them and find your solution. Most of the times best things happen at the end of this phase. You get an amazing idea or you make a decision that totally changes your earlier way of doing things.

I usually tend to meditate and reason myself out of the mess. But this time I was home and I was frustrated and I started talking to my mom about it. I put forth my point and she made a suggestion or argument or passed. It was not that she could solve my worries or anything, she just spoke out what came to her mind and even though she did not give a solution, but talking out like that and hearing the points out loud really helped me understand my own feelings towards the issue. Even though I did not actually find the solution but now I know what path I am going to take and how to deal with this situation. Pretty cool right.

Anyways, the concept to take home is deal with your problems as they come and stop trying to avoid them. Solve them today using whatever works for you.

Don’t let that smile fade and believe because you can get anything you want anyway.

Author of Kotlin Programming Cookbook | Android Developer | www.rashikaranpuria.com

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