Your choice of poison says quite a bit about your personality. Bartenders like to observe, and they judge too :D After a chat with a friendly bartender who has been at it for 11 years, we have discovered some pretty interesting theories. If you have a go-to drink, (and who doesn’t) you must check out what it really says about you.


You’re very clear in your head about what you want. Not one to be easily ashamed of your choices, you stick by them. You have seen much of life and are a wise fellow. You are confident and you don’t show off.


‘I’m rich, and I want you all to know it’ :D You like to work your way through heart breaks with a nice bottle of Jack Daniels. Also, you exude class.


Unfussy is the word for you! You’re not one to complain, you know how to have a good time. And no, you don’t think Vodka is the girl drink, either.


‘’Who cares about them calories?’’ You find it easy to make friends. You get along fine with strangers. You’re sensible, and you like to dance!


You’re here to have fun! You have a big circle of friends and are adventurous. You don’t want things getting too quiet. Bar hopping, tonight’s the night to celebrate a day ending with ‘Y’. :P You’re a party star and you can keep going all night long. Everyone wants a piece of you!


One look at you and the first word that comes to mind is — Gentleman. Impeccably dressed and all, you are not one to cause trouble in a bar. You’re an old Soul, and you keep your word. You know your honour all right.


“The proper union of gin and vermouth is a great and sudden glory; it is one of the happiest marriages on earth, and one of the shortest lived.” — Bernard DeVoto. You’re a calm man, wouldn’t ever be caught in the middle of a bar fight. Gin is the drink of a classy man.

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